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NOV 2014

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WWW.CSNEWS.COM | Store of the Future 11 • Home Meal Replacement Zone: Here custom- ers can pick up an array of top-quality prepared meals to go. Primary customer is Balancer Moms. • Kids Play Zone: A family-friendly area for chil- dren to play while their parents eat. Primary cus- tomer is Balancer Moms. Additional zones could also be added to bring a mix of traditional convenience store and suburban strip mall. These zones would include a drive-thru shopping zone; a traditional c-store zone; a pharmacy zone; an interior banking zone; a drive-thru banking zone; a car wash zone; and a fuel and recharge zone. Aside from how the store is laid out, retailers will need to be environmentally responsible, Blackiston advised. In the store of the future, for example, all roof surfaces will feature solar panels. The materi- als, fixtures, lighting and architectural details of the concept will all underscore a brand's commitment to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) standards. These attributes appeal in particular to Balancer Moms and Millennials. CSN variety and choice to satisfy a variety of needs. Primary customers for these food zones are Balancer Moms and Millennials. • Upstairs Kitchen Prep Zone: This area services and supports the multiple food concepts on the ground floor and also the home-meal-replacement zone. • Upstairs Dining Zone: Comfortable and varied seat- ing zones allow for more leisurely dining. Different areas of the upstairs dining can appeal to different audiences (families, singles, etc.). Primary customers for this zone are Balancer Moms and Millennials. • Car Hop Dining Zone: Drive up, park, order and pay by touchscreen. The customer's meal is brought right to the car. It is safe and conve- nient. Primary customers are Balancer Moms and Millennials. • Fast Food Drive-Thru Zone: Drive up, order and pay for choices from any of the store's several themed food concepts. There's something for everyone. Primary customers are Balancer Moms, Millennials and traditional c-store users.

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