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NOV 2014

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14 Store of the Future | WWW.CSNEWS.COM The Refueling & Refreshing Center The most important aspect of this store prototype is its versatility By Angela Hanson Renderings created by King Retail Solutions Y ears ago, convenience stores simply lived up to their name, enabling consumers to make a convenient purchase of a snack or beverage in addition to the primary purchase of gasoline. Today, however, consumers are not only willing to give c-stores more consideration for meeting their needs, but they also understand that not all c-stores are the same. A s the industry continues to evolve, c-stores that fall into The Refueling & Refreshing Center category will have the potential to become the most fundamen- tal retail resource in the daily lives of consumers, said Todd Cole, design director for Eugene, Ore.-based King Retail Solutions (KRS), which designs retail spac- es for some of the world's most successful brands. "For retailers, the key to nailing this evolution and locking in convenience's position as the cornerstone retail space in any given neighborhood will be striking the right balance between technological innovation, a modular shopper experience, foodservice quality and variety of choices," Cole explained. The personalization of such stores will affect not only what consumers purchase there, but also how they engage the space — it could serve as a gas station, general store, coffee shop, dine-in or drive-thru restaurant, social meeting spot and more. To provide a glimpse of what The Refueling & Refreshing Center future c-store might look like, KRS designed a concept store dubbed "Fresh Fuel," which is meant to meet shoppers' daily needs regardless of the day of the week or time of day. "Fresh Fuel is a store people cannot imagine living without," Cole said, not- ing that the most important aspect of the store is its versatility. "The goods are the same, the level of service is the same, but the amount of time they may spend on a transaction with you is up to the shopper. Some days, they may want to swing through; others they may want to spend a few hours." The layout of Fresh Fuel is distin- guished by the fact that customers enter Sit-Up Grill/Deli

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