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NOV 2014

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16 Store of the Future | WWW.CSNEWS.COM a cool, neutral look that features pops of Fresh Fuel's signature orange, which itself was chosen for its abil- ity to inspire "joy and energy" and elevate the mood of the space. Orange also works well with green, the other color that pops throughout the site through the use of the plants. "[This keeps] the product and user experience on center stage, while simultaneously enforcing the lifestyle value of this modern conve- nience brand," Cole said. Although The Refueling & Refreshing Center of tomorrow does several things different from today's c-stores, it will not neces- sarily stand alone. The Fresh Fuel design is easily scalable to multiple locations and adaptable based on store size, placement, layout and ideally, the demographic served. "Some communities may favor a larger fresh-prepared area and no walk-up window," Cole said. "Scalability and adaptability is key." CSN brought in with massive skylights not only reduces lighting costs but enhances the mood and energy of shoppers and staff through the natural release of endorphins that comes with exposure to daylight," Cole said. Inside the store, freshness isn't only found in the products for sale. Living plants incor- porated into the décor require more mainte- nance than fake greenery, but they contribute to a natural feel that eliminates the sterility of many modern-day retail locations. The living plants also have a functional purpose. They and a "living wall" outside the store, along with oil-clarifying vegeta- tion placed among permeable pavers and solar brick (for night lighting) in the park- ing area, help to clarify the air and soil, and even help to improve moods as well, accord- ing to KRS. Solar panels and a gray water system further contribute to the store's clean, green operations, resulting in energy savings and high marks from consumers who approve of businesses that care about their environmental impact. Décor that relies on natural materials — wood, brick and aluminum — is paired with modern digital screens that serve as menus, ordering tools and entertainment throughout the store to create a visual contrast that sets the unique Fresh Fuel store apart from competitors. The color scheme is purposefully designed to have in-Between realM freSh proDUce Micro-Grocery

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