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NOV 2014

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WWW.CSNEWS.COM | Store of the Future 23 on top and then say that you will arrive at the store in two minutes. Because of Apple Pay and other payment technologies already in place, you can pull right up at the drive-thru and via RFID, the store will know who you are, what you ordered and will have it ready for you. It's the ultimate convenience." In addition, if that same coffee customer says he or she will arrive at the c-store in two minutes, but the store's GPS confirms the drive will actually take three minutes, the computer at the store will ask an and ask you, 'How can I help you,' or [it] can already know past orders you placed and ask if you want to repeat that order." Via voice recognition, the 3-D hologram will take in-store orders for foodservice items, which will then be available once a consumer enters a drive-thru fol- lowing their fill-up. "It's high-tech, it's efficient and it's multipurpose," stated Lawshe. "It takes cares of 'fueling' requirements, both on a vehicle and personal basis." While holograms are expected to be one way for cus- tomers to both order food and ask general questions at the c-store fore- court, they won't be the only way. In the future, consumers know- ing they are about to visit their local convenience store will be able to place a foodservice order as soon as they leave their home and hop into their car. "Customers can tap their Google Glass, Apple Watch or whatever the technology is in the future, and can talk to an automatic ordering sys- tem," said Lawshe. "For example, you can say you want a skinny latte with caramel and whipped cream IN-GROUND WIRELESS ELECTRIC CHARGING GRASS-FILLED PARKING SPOTS

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