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NOV 2014

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24 Store of the Future | WWW.CSNEWS.COM Landscaping will be dramatically different, too. Fuel emissions will be offset in part with the use of reinforcement technology for grass-filled parking spac- es, according to Lawshe. Walls will have climbing and potted plants to further protect the environment and for beautification purposes. "With architecture comes two key words: sustain- ability and green," he said. "We believe c-stores will be totally sustainable. They will be energy-producing and not energy-consuming locations in the future." These new forecourt attributes are not so far off. In fact, this new design is available today, although Lawshe acknowledged the current cost of installation is expen- sive. "But in the future, this [design] will be automatic," he revealed. "Costs always tend to come down." Of course, it would be foolish to believe every inno- vation will be incorporated as quickly as expected, but the future of the forecourt is certainly fascinating. "As a designer, we love the future," Lawshe concluded. "It's something to embrace." CSN employee to have the beverage perfectly prepared in three minutes instead. AT THE PUMP Traditional petroleum is unlikely to be the only offer- ing at the pump in a few years' time. Compressed natural gas and varied ethanol blends, such as E15 and E85, are already available at several gas stations. Lawshe expects this growth to continue, with hydro - gen fuel cell vehicles and electric vehicles becoming more formidable competitors. Current drive-up electric vehicle chargers could be replaced by designated parking spaces that offer wire- less electric charging from a location on the ground. Hence, electric vehicle owners will not even need to plug into an electric charger to receive a full charge. Vegetable oil and biodiesel could also become prev- alent alternative fuels in the market. NEW ARCHITECTURE Aside from the different "fuels" offered, the c-store forecourt will look dramatically different in the future thanks to environmentally friendly changes. Canopies are expected to feature solar panels, wind energy col- lection, and water collection using sustainably sourced materials. Energy efficiency will be a main focus, uti- lizing currently popular LED lighting. CANOPY FEATURING SOLAR PANELS, WIND ENERGY COLLECTION AND WATER COLLECTION WHAT'S YOUR STORE OF THE FUTURE VISION? Share your thoughts on Convenience Store News' social media channels. Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:

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