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68 Convenience Store News | NOVEMBER 2014 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM Monster Energy follows in the foot- steps of the brand's original Zero Ultra in terms of aes- thetic appeal. Ultra Red has zero calo- ries and zero sugar, but you would not know it from the taste. This SKU has a light cranberry flavor with a big kick that lasts. Our panelists were impressed with the taste and the fact that there was no "crash" afterward. They were expecting it to be overly sweet like some energy drinks, but this was balanced just right. Foodservice/Display & Packaging: Embraceable Platter and Dome. This large oval platter from Anchor Packaging was designed with a locator ring in the bot- tom to hold a standard 8-ounce paper food container. The serving size can be used for chili, soups, oatmeal, grits, maca- roni and cheese, fruit and many other items that often accompany a main dish, sandwich or salad. It is no longer necessary to lid both the round 8-ounce paper food container and the main course to transport separately, as this packaging does double duty. Foodservice/Lunch & Dinner: Fast Choice Hand- Wrapped Sandwiches. Variety in foodservice products is key to success in this category. The Fast Choice line of hand-wrapped sandwiches is a value offering from Ad- vancePierre Foods. These full-size, full-flavor sandwiches are priced right to give c-store operators more options for a value menu strategy, and are ideal for combo meal bundling and two-for-$3 deals. Our panelists liked the size, texture and flavor qual- ity of all the sandwiches, especially the JalapeƱo Charbroil Cheeseburger. Candy/Novelty: Disney Princess Light & Sound Wand. Cinderella is the most popular Disney princess character among U.S. moms of girls aged two to five, and she's among the most popu- lar Disney princesses among girls aged six to eight. This wand dispenser from CandyRific LLC uses unique sound-chip technology and incorporates a light-up feature. Press the button on the wand and Cinderella's dress glows and shim- mers while a magical-sounding music clip plays. A great impulse toy with candy in the wand. Edible Grocery: Pickle Crunch. This is a unique condiment to top sandwiches, hot dogs, sausages, salads and soups. Onion Crunch Inc. describes its newest product Pickle Crunch as the first battered, crunchy, deep-fried pickle that has a one-year shelf life. Perfect for grab-and-go wraps, our panel liked its flavor and versatility. It's good for vegans and kosher, too. Electronic Cigarettes: NJOY King 5-Pack. Real to- bacco flavor, a soft filter, plus the size, weight and ap- pearance of a real cigarette all make the NJOY King a product that delivers satisfaction to adult smokers. Our users liked the flip-top lid and great value of the money-saving 5-pack, which comes to $5.99 per King or a $10 savings on every purchase. Energy Drinks: Ultra Red. The energy drink scene is alive and well and very competitive. Ultra Red from From left to right: John Bax, Geoff Vulletta, Craig Weiss and Vito Maurici Mike Thaler From left to right: Nancy Todys and Tony Schroder From left to right: Emelie Tirre, Rodney Sacks and Geoff Bremmer

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