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84 Convenience Store News | NOVEMBER 2014 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM Chairman Brad Call came out singing and dancing a winning tune arm in arm with two showgirls. "You're a winner, baby, and that's no lie!" Call belted out, repurposing a line from the 1978 song by the band Hot Chocolate and mixing it with the show's theme. "After all, you're here at the show working hard to learn, make connections and become better operators. I promise you and you and you — every one of you — will be filthy rich winners if you throw your whole self into this show." Along with capitalizing on the innovation seen at the show, the vice president of Adventure Culture for Maverik Inc. encouraged his peers to "get out and see the world, take your teams to global forums" and NACS summits as he has done. "You will be so amazed at how much you learn and the innovative ideas you'll take away from the stores [you] visit in those countries." Call reported he racked up 279,000 miles in travel so far this year. "We are all trying to become better and better," he added. "If we build and operate stores our communities aspect of c-stores' offer; bringing attention to the industry's support of youth sports; and helping retail- ers overcome local zoning restrictions. "We are making this a better world and it's a great story to tell," Armour said as he encouraged the crowd to do their part. "Tell your story, walk the talk and be proud of what our industry does." FilThy RiCh WiNNeRS Fitting of the Las Vegas venue, the theme of the 2014 NACS Show was "A Winner Every Year." In his high- energy opening general session address, outgoing NACS What's Trending in Foodservice Big, bold flavors and a concentration on the snack daypart were the key trends observed throughout the foodservice section of the 2014 NACS Show expo floor. According to industry suppliers, Millennial consumers are the driving force behind both these trends because they don't eat traditional full meals and they like lots of variety. Hillshire Brands showed off some spicy, bold flavors via new breakfast sandwiches and roller grill items. Its Jimmy Dean Blazin' Hot Breakfast Sandwiches debuted at the show and are available in several fiery varieties: Hot & Spicy Sausage and Biscuit; Hot & Spicy Sausage, Egg & Pepperjack Cheese Biscuit; and Spicy Split Sausage & Cheese Croissant. In addition, Blazin' Hot is one of the flavors of the new Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage Roller Grill Links. Hunt Brothers Pizza, meanwhile, is tapping into the after- noon snack opportunity with the launch of Cheesebread in two sizes. Consumers can get an individual serving of two sticks for $1.99 or the family size for about $5. Cheesebread was specifically developed for snackers. "you're a winner, baby," sang outgoing NACS Chairman Brad Call at the NACS Show opening general session. What's Trending in Tobacco A quick walk through the Cool New Products showcase or a scan of the NACS Show exhibitor list showed that this year's tobacco category theme was vapor. Be it new flavors, new technology or new-to-industry products, this emerging seg- ment was clearly the focal point. Blu eCigs previewed its new blu Plus+ Rechargeable Kit, which combines the best aspects of cigalikes and vapor/tanks/ mods. Dune Vapor Group LLC featured the Vapor J'adore for Her brand. Eco-Cigs' Sapphyre product line introduced the ClearView line of eLiquid tanks that gives user a view of the e-juice. And Vapor4Life provided a sneak peek at its new retail brand, WOW Vapor, which will make its debut in January. Vapor talk on the show floor also dealt with the growing presence of vape shops and whether convenience stores can play a meaningful part in the vapor space. John Froman, CEO of Vapor4Life, cautioned against think- ing vape shops will push convenience stores out of the vapor business. "You can look at the history of retail and see the rise of channels and the fall of channels," he said. "Vape shops are in their infancy." Vapor Corp.'s Dave Henninger told CSNews that at a time when so many new players are entering the market, responsi- bility and transparency are key attributes retailers are seeking from electronic cigarette and vapor suppliers. Vapor Corp. was showing new KRAVE e-cigs and VaporX products at the show.

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