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74 Convenience Store News | JULY 2015 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM HOW TO Prepared Food + Hot, Cold, Frozen Dispensed Beverages FOODSERVICE Y ou can't manage foodservice if you don't measure it. Food- service is a numbers business with costs that can easily get away from convenience store operators if they are not carefully tracked and measured, according to the Convenience Store News How To Crew experts. While automation and technology — such as foodservice inventory and operating software, cost accounting, electronic invoicing and scanning — can all make it easier to track and measure foodservice success, opera- tors that can't afford high-tech bells and whistles can track the business manually using good old-fashioned pencil and paper, one CSNews How To Crew retailer said. "If you don't have good technolo- gy, my advice would be to just write everything down," the retailer said. "In my early days, I did inventory in my restaurant every single day and did not use a computer." If operators have the financial resources, though, foodservice is best tracked using the numerous automa- tion tools available today. Without question, the foodservice business is most successfully measured and managed using a cost accounting system, which allows operators to more accurately manage food costs instead of the retail accounting How to Measure Foodservice Success By Maureen Azzato Call tO aCtIOn: Foodservice 101 • Cost out every recipe and know what you should expect in profit on each menu item. • If scanning is not an option, use daily build-to sheets and manually track how many items are prepared and how many spoiled, with the difference being the total number of items sold. • Do cost inventory weekly, even if you have to count manually using paper and pencil. • Track foodservice on separate P&Ls before rolling it up into total store P&Ls.

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