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WWW.CSNEWS.COM | JULY 2015 | Convenience Store News 79 makes room for new item menu development." From a corporate perspective, foodservice manag- ers and directors must keep their eyes on many metrics that are different from the retail side of the business. "Sales are important, but sales mix is even more important," Bishop said. "Profits are the outcome we all want, but you need to manage product and supply specifications that drive menu costs, Q-factors and production methods that impact labor costs and speed of service, and product waste that may signal a need to change par levels or menu items." Other basic elements of a foodservice P&L state- ment include supply costs, labor costs, and repair and maintenance of foodservice equipment, according to one retailer. And according to members of the How To Crew, if there is one formula foodservice operators should commit to memory, it is this: Beginning Inventory + Purchases + Transfers In – Transfers Out – Ending Inventory/Revenue = Food Cost. This KPI will ensure you take money to the bank. CSn Our How To Crew David Bishop — Balvor LLC Ed Burcher — Burcher Consulting Joseph Chiovera — XS Foodservice & Marketing Jack W. Cushman — CST Brands Inc. Dean Dirks — b2b Solutions Eric Giandelone — Mintel Foodservice Kane Kulas — CSM Bakery Products Mathew Mandeltort — Eby-Brown Co. LLC Larry Miller — Miller Management & Consulting Services Maurice Minno — MPM Consulting Group Paul Pierce — Pure Plates Tim Powell — Think Research & Consulting Chad Prast — Murphy USA Inc. Bonnie Riggs — The NPD Group Jennifer Vespole — QuickChek Corp. Jerry Weiner — Rutter's Farm Stores Customized Flavor Infused and Taste Blends Meatballs Steaks Burgers • • IQF • IQC™ • Fresh/Frozen/Chilled Modified Atmosphere • Vacuum Packed • Porton Control Customized Meat and Poultry Blends Phone: 800-426-2874 • [email protected] d e v a u l t f o o d s . c o m Gives you the competitive edge with freshness, taste and speed! Call for details! And see how fresh "Made to Order" can be! Customized Packaging Flexible Production Minimal Inventories Marketing Assistance Tailor-made Seasoning Profiles Personalized Protein Formulas Flavor Infused Options • • • • • • • Devault Foods "Fresh Made-to-Order Program" provides... Fresh Made-to-Order Program

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