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84 Convenience Store News | JULY 2015 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM Beer + Wine + CSDs + Energy + Water + Sports + Juice + Dairy COLD VAULT I n examining alcoholic beverage trends at conve- nience stores, it is apparent millennial consumers are driving many of the taste and brand choices in the beer category. Convenience Store News recently conducted an interview with Todd Camassar, commercial marketing director, off- premise chan- nel and custom- er development, for Heineken USA about the importance of millennials and how c-stores can sell more to this demographic. CSNews: How does Heineken describe and segment young legal-drinking-age consumers? Camassar: Today's millennial/ multicultural consumer base is active, astute and wants the best. They are growing exponentially in size and influencing American cul- ture faster than any other group, from the food and beverages we consume to music, sports, film, fashion and more. Their influence is impacting the variety of beer products offered and the way these products are marketed. CSNews: What are the overall attitudes and values of millen- nial consumers when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages? Camassar: The millennial/multicultural consumer is experimental and eager to expand their other beverage repertoire by sampling different offerings and expanded flavor profiles. They equate cost with quality and, as they trade up with the improving economy, they are more likely to shop the upscale segment where quality, variety and image play a key role. These consumers are estimated to account for 70 percent of future beer category growth. More than any other LDA+ (legal drinking age-plus) consumer segment, millennials are connected 24/7 and sort through infor- mation at the speed of light on their phones, tablets and computers. To influ- ence these consumers, we need to cut through the clutter with messaging that resonates and reaches them where they are most active: online. At Heineken, our unique approach to reaching these consumers is through reinvented beer marketing — aspira- tional and experiential campaigns, with a heavy emphasis in the digital medium. In 2015, we are delivering breakthrough marketing and retail programming that connects emotionally with the millennial and multicultural consumer at multiple touchpoints along their path to purchase (traditional, digital and social media, in- store merchandising, special events and sponsorships). We are also focused on innovation to provide millennial con- sumers with the variety they seek. Our Beers of Mexico, Newcastle Best of The Future of Beer Sales Leading marketer discusses importance of the millennial legal-drinking-age segment By Don Longo Todd Camassar

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