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the hub 16 / Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner / JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 Barry said. "We can split deliveries with other items. It needs to make sense for both of us, but the more that comes off our truck each delivery, the more we can help you manage for fresh products." This is not to imply that embarking on a fresh program is easy — getting started often presents a great challenge — but it is the long-term opportunity that has many considering it. "The opportunities are actually endless," stated Holly Veale, product director, foodser- vice, for the convenience store industry's largest wholesaler McLane Co. Inc. "Food- service presents operators with a unique opportunity to distinguish themselves from other c-stores, as well as from infringing trade channels such as dollar and drug." Veale cautions that "it's not an easy prize, how- ever, as operators must understand where food- service implementation deviates from traditional convenience store operations. Allocating labor, plan- ning for spoils and ensuring programs are properly planned and implemented are a few of the greatest challenges in developing and executing a successful foodservice program." Dispelling Myth #2: Spoils Happen Initially, the greatest challenge is managing spoils, agreed Barry. "We're talking about perishable items and that's what usually scares them away, but the opportunity is much greater than what they fear," the Core-Mark executive said. And that leads to the second biggest myth that needs dispelling: Spoilage at the onset doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. It can actually mean you're right on track. "There's going to be a learning curve with spoils, but you can't do this without spoils. If you don't have BEARING FRUIT Eby-Brown offers convenience store retailers an operations guide on selling whole fruit. Bananas Ordering: • Review the past four weeks of sales and waste and determine the quantity to order based on 22 bananas per box and number of deliveries per week. deLivery: • Do not place other items on top of the box • Do not put in the refrigerator • Store in a cool place between 55-72 degrees • Fragile — Handle box carefully • Do not stand the box on end • Avoid rough handling — bananas are as fragile as eggs HandLing: • Do not open box until ready to display bananas • Remove bananas by grasping the neck — incorrect handling causes scars and bruises • Once opened, bananas will be in optimal color for 48-72 hours Apples, Oranges, Lemons & Limes Ordering: • Review the past four weeks of sales and waste to determine the order quantity based on 12-count apples/ oranges and 6-count lemons/limes. HandLing: • Store product in refrigerator until ready to display • Store ambient for display up to a week Source: Eby-Brown/Crisp Acres Program Core-Mark's Fresh Food Fast program offers several sizes of open-air coolers.

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