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JAN-FEB 2016

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OPERATIONS 40 / Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner / JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 Store Ops / Labor / HR / Real Estate / Financial / Field Ops Becoming an Efective Leader Sometimes, the best management tool is a mirror What Is Leadership? Leaders are stage setters, not performers. Frontline employees get paid to perform operational tasks; leaders get paid for results. Great leaders produce great results. Leadership is not a technique. Leadership is not a title or a place. Appeasing isn't leading, it's placating. Leadership is an attitude — a sense of responsibility for making a difference. Leadership is an activity, not a status. Leadership is both a position and a process. In terms of position, leaders are responsible for guiding employees in the daily execution of the or- ganization's strategy. Employees execute the strategy and leaders drive the strategy. In terms of process, leadership is about helping employees reach their full potential. Leadership is like IT or marketing — it does something; it has an effect. Leadership enables a group of people to reach their potential, which in turn results in the organization reaching its potential. Before companies can succeed, people must succeed. Seven things great leaders consistently do are: 1. Lead by Example Do the things they're asking others to do; align their behaviors to their words. 2. Do What They Say Remain true to their word; this is how they become credible. 3. Tell the Truth Tell it like it is: the good, the bad and the ugly. They don't sugarcoat. 4. Prepare Their Employees for Success Provide training, coaching, feedback and recognition. 5. Remove Obstacles to Performance Ensure their employees have a clear, unobstructed path to successfully performing their jobs. 6. Have Their Employees' Backs Demonstrate a "we're all in this together" attitude. 7. Develop Future Leaders Help their employees develop and grow as leaders themselves. I n sports, it is the team with the best players who play together as a team that wins. In business, it's the company with the best lead- ers that wins. Some of your competitors may be bigger than you in terms of store count and have deeper pockets, which enables them to build bigger and fancier stores. But if your smaller company has better leaders than the big boys, you're in the game and able to compete. Great leadership positions your company for the long haul and serves as your platform for profitable growth. BY TERRY McKENNA, cONvENiENcE STORE cOAcHES S I N G L E S T O R E O W N E R FROM THE EXPERTS

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