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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 / / 41 their jobs at the highest level. Great leaders listen and learn before they talk. They also listen more and talk less. They listen to deepen their understanding and clarify insights before they make decisions and take action. They understand that there are two sides to every story, and it's wise to learn the second side of the story be- fore they open their mouth. Great leaders listen for understanding; they listen with their eyes and heart, not just their ears and brain. SSO Terry McKenna is principal and co-founder of Con- venience Store Coaches Inc. and Employee Perfor- mance Strategies Inc., where he helps convenience retailers achieve greater financial results by optimiz- ing their workforce. McKenna can be reached at (910) 458-5227 or [email protected] He also maintains a blog at Editor's note: The opinions expressed in this column are the author's and do not necessarily refect the views of Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner. Great leaders build their reputations on the foundation of credibility. Great leaders are guided by a moral compass of what is right and wrong. They walk their talk; there's a connection between their values and principles, and how they behave. They confront tough issues head-on, speak pas- sionately about what is right, and are the first ones to question and challenge unethical behavior. Great leaders make people at the bottom feel like they're cared for. When this happens, the entire organiza- tion feels inspired and motivated; they become incredibly loyal and perform much better. Leading by Serving One cannot lead without putting others first. Great leaders are great because they are prepared and willing to serve the needs of their followers. They understand that they, along with the organization, can only be successful if their people are successful. It's all about putting people in position to suc- ceed. Great leaders make it their mission to remove obstacles that might prevent their people from doing 100% of U.S. Population Growth is Driven by Multiculturals. Are You Prepared for the Future? For more information about sponsoring the 2016 Multicultural Retail 360 Summit, please contact Milly Santana at 201-855-7634 or [email protected] Register Today at Produced by Via "interculturalism," we are already a "majority minority" nation. Shoppers from all ethnicities have become more particular about what they expect from brands, and top marketers meet those expectations by engaging with multicultural consumers in the most efective ways possible. Plan now to attend the only event focused on multicultural retail. Connect with other retailers facing the challenges of marketing to multicultural retail. Find resources, expertise and information on successfully meeting the needs of Asian, Hispanic or African-American customers. Gain insights, grow market share. Multicultural Retail 360 Summit answers the challenge faced by retailers – big and small – all over the country.

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