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10 The market for meat snacks has expanded rapidly in the United States during the past year. Sales of meat snacks, which include meat sticks and jerky, grew nearly 14 percent in the 52 weeks ending May 2015, according to Nielsen. In fact, consumer demand for dried meat has risen so sharply that it now dwarfs the once high demand for comparable snacks, such as party mixes and pita chips. Why the big switch? Research suggests it's because the inherent characteristics of meat snacks meet some of the key criteria consumers use to select snacks in general: to replace a meal, to curb hunger between meals, and to satisfy a craving. And the high protein content of meat snacks makes them an ideal choice for consumers hitting that mid-afernoon slump. Better-for-you appeal Younger consumers in particular are also putting more emphasis on seeking out better-for-you food oferings such as meat snacks. When asked how important it is to fnd better-for-you products in convenience stores, 63 percent of 18- to 24-year-old consumers rated this very/extremely important, according to recent Carbon- view research. Half of the millennial population surveyed also rated this greatly important. Tat's a monumental change in consumer attitudes, considering that c-store customers, along with vending and sporting event food customers, historically have placed health and wellness at the bottom of the list. Top reasons consumers choose salty snacks SOURCE: MINTEL, SALT Y SNACKS, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, U.S., JANUARY 2015 M E AT S N A C K S Meat snacks pack protein into PM snack occasions As a treat To satisfy a craving Because my children ask Curb hunger between meals Take the place of a meal Try a new favor Try a new product As a stress reliever As a mood booster 60% 58% 42% 35% 24% 20% 18% 12% 12% JANUARY 2016

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