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11 JANUARY 2016 Millennials clamor for meat snacks Millennials—who tend to be the heaviest afernoon snackers, according to IRI's March 2015 State of the Snack Food Industry report—are also contributing to the boom in meat snacks specifcally: One of the top four food items that millennials said they purchased on their last visit to a convenience store was a meat snack, accord- ing to recent Carbonview research. Tat's equal to the percentage who purchased prepared foods, which have been aggressively promoted by c-stores eager to cash in on the category's high margins and increasing consumer demand. Add to this fnding that meat snacks are also one of the top fve purchases for total c-store male consumers, and it's obvious there's a void being flled by meat snacks for today's hurried and mobile consumer looking for a quick energy snack. Meat snack suppliers and category analysts contend the category will continue to see positive growth. But even as a variety of food companies and restaurants begin to ofer menus of jerky items, c-stores continue to be the top destination for meat snacks. —Julie Powell How important is it for you to fnd better-for-you options in a convenience store? NOTE: GEN Z ARE AGES 18 TO 24; MILLENNIALS ARE AGES 25 TO 34. SOURCE: SBI/CARBONVIEW SEPTEMBER 2015 SURVEY M E AT S N A C K S Importance Total Gen Z Millennial All male All female Extremely 20% 30% 28% 18% 22% Very 24% 33% 22% 24% 24% Total very/extremely important 44% 63% 50% 42% 46% Somewhat 30% 30% 31% 26% 34% Not very 12% 4% 11% 14% 10% Not at all 14% 4% 8% 19% 10% Product innovation contributes to meat snack growth Although beef jerky still accounts for more than three-quarters of meat snack sales, turkey con- tinues to be the fastest-growing type of jerky, and alternative meats, such as bison, deer and elk, are also rising in popularity. SOURCE: IBISWORLD, 2015 Types of jerky preferred by consumers 79% 8% 7% 6% Beef jerky Poultry jerky (chicken and turkey) Game jerky (deer, elk, salmon, buffalo) Pork jerky

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