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16 JANUARY 2016 millennials (25 to 34), 76 percent of younger boomers (45 to 54) and 61 percent of older boomers (55 to 64) sur- veyed are afernoon snackers, while 61 percent of younger millennials, 57 percent of older millennials, 52 percent of younger boomers and 51 percent of older boomers snack during evening hours. In addition, eating snacks as meals at home is becoming the norm among this group: Forty-fve percent of younger millennials, 43 percent of older millennials, 41 percent of younger boomers and 23 percent of older boomers report snacking at home in place of a meal, according to IRI. It all adds up to expanding sales drivers for both foodser- vice in general and pizza in particular at c-stores. "Pizza by the slice is a great opportunity for stores," adds Jef Lenard, spokesperson for NACS. "A slice can be a great snack to fll cravings before a meal later in the day. And it is something that convenience retailers can do well, whether with a branded partner or with their own pro- gram." —Kathleen Furore Average sales per store Industry total (in millions) 2014 % change 2014 % change Prepared foods (prepared on- or off-site) $140,754 +7.2% $21,077 +8.9% Hot dispensed beverages $43,821 -0.6% $6,562 +1.0% Cold dispensed beverages $16,021 -0.7% $2,399 +0.9% Frozen dispensed beverages $8,020 +2.6% $1,201 +4.3% Total $208,616 +4.6% $31,239 +6.3% C-store prepared food dollar sales C-store foodservice sales Millennials snack across the entire day, while boomers tend to start a little later and taper off a little earlier Sandwiches 25.7% Hot dogs 17.0% Pizza 16.6% Early morning Morning Afternoon Evening Late evening 12.3% Chicken 6.9% Bakery 4.0% Salads 3.5% Hamburgers 2.4% Soup 1.8% Frozen treats 9.8% All other prepared foods SOURCE: IRI SOURCE: MARKET RESEARCH, 2015 SOURCE: MARKET RESEARCH, 2015 Younger millennials Older millennials Younger boomers Older boomers P I Z Z A / F O O D S E R V I C E

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