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25 JANUARY 2016 Nutrition bar sales at convenience stores and other channels are piping hot—and likely to keep getting hotter, say industry observers. In a March 2015 study on snack, nutrition and protein bars, Mintel reported that the category reached $6.2 billion in 2014, with even higher project- ed growth during the next few years. Meanwhile, IRI data for the 52 weeks ending Oct. 4, 2015 show that sales of nutrition bars in the c-store channel surged to more than $577 million, a 16 percent increase over the previous year. Nutrition bars really do hit the sweet spot between convenience, health and midafernoon cravings, says Beth Bloom, food and drink analyst for Mintel. "Consumers may want something sweet in the afernoon but don't want to sacrifce health," she says, not- ing that Generation X snackers are most likely to eat energizing snacks in the afernoon, com- pared with other generations. "C-stores have unprecedented opportunities with nutrition bars," says Burt Flickinger, retail analyst with New York City-based Strategic Resource Group. "[One] key factor is the fact that a majority of employ- ers have reduced full-time employment . . . there are more people working two or three part-time jobs, and as they do that, they don't have time to prepare a full meal or even stop for fast food. Instead, they are shopping at leading c-stores that have a great depth and range of nutrition bars, as well as foodser- vice." —Lynn Petrak N U T R I T I O N B A R S C-store bar sales Dollar sales % change Dollar sales vs. year ago Total snack bars/granola bars $851,398,015 +12.56% Total nutritional/intrinsic health value bars $577,110,912 +16.04% Granola bars $101,567,136 +7.96% Breakfast/cereal/snack bars $170,557,440 +5.84% All other snack/granola bars $2,162,495 -44.40% SOURCE: IRI TOTAL U.S. CONVENIENCE FOR LATEST 52 WEEKS ENDING OCT. 4, 2015 C-stores belly up to the nutrition bar SOURCE: MINTEL MARCH 2015 CATEGORY STUDY Sales of snack, nutrition and protein bars in 2014

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