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27 JANUARY 2016 Ninety-six percent of consumers think Americans should be drinking more water, according to a November 2014 Harris Poll conducted for the International Bottled Wa- ter Association, so what better beverage to pair with better-for-you afternoon snacks? Regular bottled water ofers a no-calorie, natural ac- companiment to foods eaten as snacks, while functional and favored waters lend themselves to beverage-only snacking occasions. Te latter category continues to enjoy trendy status and diversify, with products like coconut and aloe vera waters migrating from specialty markets to c-stores. And sales of seltzer, sparkling and mineral wa- ters were up double-digits for the 52 weeks ending Nov. 1, 2015, according to IRI: Dollar sales rose 19.2 percent over the prior year to reach $191.7 million, and unit sales grew 17.2 percent to $128.5 million. Bottled water products also ft right into the growing consumer demand for healthier snacking. One-third of consumers say they are shifing to healthier options— agreeing that they are snacking on healthier foods than they were a year ago—and 60 percent wish there were more healthy snack options, according to Mintel's 2015 Snacking Motivations and Attitudes study. Te infuence of health considerations on snacking likely bodes well for bottled water sales in convenience stores, given water's now widespread image as the ultimate healthful beverage. In fact, frst lady Michelle Obama and the Partnership for a Healthier America have been helping to spread that message since September 2013, when the Drink Up initiative was launched to encourage consumers to drink more water. —Jenny Anderson U.S. consumers who say: SOURCE: INTERNATIONAL BOTTLED WATER ASSOCIATION B O T T L E D WAT E R C-store packaged water sales Average sales per store Industry total (in millions) 2014 % change 2014 % change Bottled water $16,415 +6.3% $2,458 +7.9% Enhanced water $4,908 +5.9% $735 +7.6% SOURCE: MARKET RESEARCH, 2015 Bottled water pours into better-for-you snack market Bottled water is a healthier beverage choice than soft drinks. Bottled water should be available wherever other beverages are sold. Bottled water is among their preferred beverages. 95% 92% 55%

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