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JAN-FEB 2016

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28 If candy is dandy, then indulging in confec- tions as an afternoon snack is even sweeter for many on-the-go Americans. In fact, candy is the hands-down winner among pre- ferred snacks, accounting for 15 percent of the top snack foods, followed by fruit and gum, according to a recent survey from the stock analysis website Insider Monkey. And sales of typical morning goodies like donuts, bagels, fresh fruit and mufns give way to craving-driven choco- late bars and candy bars in the afernoon, reports NPD in its SnackTrack research on grab-and-go snacking. Other research confrms that Americans—including shoppers on visits to c-stores—still have a sweet tooth. Last year, consumers gobbled up $20.8 billion in candy, including chocolate and non-chocolate sweets, according to Nielsen. Balancing health and indulgence Still, the fact that fruit is within a couple percentage points of candy is a refection of today's concurrent de- sires for indulgence and health when it comes to snack- ing, including afernoon snacking occasions. Beth Bloom, food and drink analyst for Mintel, says c-store operators can work to strike a balance between the diferent types of and occasions for snacking. "It cannot be denied that chocolate confectionery is a treat. Nearly three-quarters of consumers turn to these products for a treat, meaning the category will need to CONFECTIONS Sweeten the deal with confections SOURCE: INSIDER MONKEY SURVEY, 2015 Top 10 snack foods consumed in the United States 1. Candy 15% 2. Fruit 13% 3. Gum 10% 4. Chips 8% 5. Breath mints/strips 5% 6. Ice cream 5% 7. Nuts 5% 8. Cookies 4% 9. Bars 4% 10. Crackers 3% JANUARY 2016

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