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APR 2016

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26 / Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner / APRIL 2016 merchandise purchases with gas are a loyal bunch, too, with 70.8 percent returning to the same c-store again and again. This level of loyalty is likewise reflected in core customers' willingness to sign up for loyalty programs. When one is available, 34.7 percent of frequent shoppers and 46.2 percent of regular merchandise buyers say they're enrolled, vs. 23.8 percent of all other less-frequent visitors and 28.3 percent of those who buy merchandise less often. In fact, non-core shoppers are significantly more likely to refuse to even consider enrolling in a hypotheti- cal future program. These figures become particularly relevant when combined with the study's findings that loyalty program participants buy more and spend more, particularly on dispensed beverages, a high-margin segment inside most convenience stores. Perhaps because of loyalty program member- ship, core shoppers are significantly more likely to make c-store visits part of their routine — whatever that routine may be. Most often, a core shopper's What Draws Core Shoppers to the Store? FREQUENT FREQUENT GAS/ TOTAL SHOPPER IN-STORE SHOPPER (Base) (1,501) (1,081) (407) To buy gasoline 80.1% 81.2% 88.7% To buy packaged beverages (net) 55.0 59.1 62.2 To buy snacks 54.3 57.0 65.1 To buy fountain/frozen beverages 43.8 46.4 51.8 To buy prepared food/fast food for immediate consumption (net) 43.7 47.1 52.3 To buy candy/gum 39.9 42.9 49.9 To buy hot beverages 39.0 41.3 47.7 To buy lottery tickets 38.4 42.1 44.0 To use the restroom 30.4 30.5 34.9 To buy cigarettes 27.9 32.7 35.1 To buy food for consumption later or at home 26.3 28.6 34.4 To use the ATM 22.9 27.0 31.2 To buy a newspaper/magazine 18.7 21.4 25.3 To look around/browse 8.8 9.1 10.8 To buy health and beauty care products 5.2 6.1 8.8 To buy fill-in 5.0 5.8 8.6 Other 0.9 0.8 0.5 Frequent Shoppers = Daily/weekly c-store shoppers Frequent Gas/In-store Shoppers = Shoppers who buy in-store merchandise when shopping for gas every time or almost every time Multiple responses accepted Source: Convenience Store News Realities of the Aisle Study, 2016 Cover Story

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