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APR 2016

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APRIL 2016 / / 31 repeat customers more than once a week. SSO: Do you actively seek customer feedback, and what techniques do you use? Shamoun: We ask our customers to Yelp us, and we also have signs posted encouraging them to do so. Customers give great feedback. We take their advice whenever we can. SSO: What product categories do your best customers regularly purchase? Shamoun: Our best customers regularly use the ATM and purchase alcohol (mostly beer) and snacks (mostly sweet and salty snacks). Snack purchases account for 15 percent of our sales and beer accounts for 20 percent. We offer mainly craft beers in six-packs and local beers made in San Diego. We also have the more common beers like Corona, Heineken, Stella, etc. SSO SSO: What product categories do your best cus- tomers regularly purchase? Fisher: Our biggest product categories would be deli, tobacco, lottery, and I guess you could say fuel. Our biggest service is our drive-thru; it's almost half our business. Our drive-thru custom- ers range from parents with kids in car seats, to people with disabilities, or simply someone who doesn't feel like getting out of their car. We have no restrictions; they can call ahead for an order of fried chicken, 20 cases of beer with ice, lottery tickets, even a book of matches, or directions. We try to accommodate everyone the best we can, the fastest we can. Ronson Shamoun Owner/operator Newport Quik Stop, Ocean Beach, Calif. SSO: What percentage of your overall business comes from your "regulars?" Shamoun: Overall, 60 percent of our busi- ness comes from regulars. These customers are frequenting our store daily, and sometimes twice a day. Our best customers are mostly Caucasian males in their mid-30s and early 40s. SSO: What techniques do you use to keep your regulars satisfied? Shamoun: We have a loyalty program. We use an app called "Spot On." For every $5 a cus- tomer spends, they earn a Spot. After 10 Spots, they earn a free Acai Bowl and after 15 Spots, they earn a free sandwich. We implemented the loyalty program in 2014 and now around 700 customers are actively a part of it. We've had a positive response to the program and it's helped bring in more business — between 30 and 40 Almost half of Dave's Food Mart's business is done via its drive-thru. Roughly 700 customers actively participate in Newport Quik Stop's loyalty program.

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