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APR 2016

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1 ADVERTORIAL Co ve ie ce Store News reported that average pizza sales per c-store hit $23,320 in 2014, which is an 8.2% jump for the third-highest-selling category in prepared foods and the second-largest percentage increase. U.S. consumers show no signs of easing up on their passion for the pie: One in eight Americans eat pizza on any given day, according to recent data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and a new Harris Poll found that pizza is by far the No. 1 comfort food in the United States, garnering twice as many votes as any other food. When consumed, pizza provided one-fourth to one-third of total daily energy and contributed one-third of calcium intake and more than half of the daily intake of lycopene, a natural chemical in tomatoes that may be linked with health benefts. As a traditional component of a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, pizza offers a favorful way for consumers to get more veggies and protein with fber into their own diet, too. The secret to getting as big a piece of that pie as possible? Partnering with a trusted national brand that can provide the fexible, customizable support needed to capitalize on the sales potential a pizza program brings. From free sales-boosting materials such as special limited time offers (LTOs), eye-catching point-of-purchase items and promotions to account managers who can show your employees how to pair these materials with suggestive selling techniques and local store marketing plans, a nationally branded pizza program can help keep pizza top-of-mind for your customers and boost business. Hunt Brothers ® Pizza goes even further to offer convenience retailers a choice of pizza shoppes in various sizes, each with unique features designed to ft the needs of the store. To help maximize proft potential, the company helps each convenience retailer evaluate his or her store and then provides the best confguration options based on Hunt Brothers Pizza's merchandising criteria, so staff can work effciently. C-stores also can select the specifc Hunt Brothers Pizza products they'd like to sell at their store, ranging from just pizza Grab a bigger "hunk" of the fresh pizza market With pizza servings at c-stores showing double-digit growth according to recent NPD Group research, this booming $3.5 billion category is rolling in dough. Percentage of U.S. population who consumed pizza on any given day All Ages 2-5 Ages 6-11 Ages 12-19 Ages 20-39 Ages 40-59 Ages 60+ Source: What We Eat in America, NHANES 2007-2010 15% Male Female 15% 25% 26% 18% 20% 15% 16% 13% 11% 9% 6% 5% 11% CASE STUDY LAUNCHING A HOT FOOD PROGRAM Location: Bucksnort, Tenn. Goal: Add hot food offerings to drive business in rural area near interstate and local community Strategy: Maximize limited floor space with compact Hunt Brothers Pizza shoppe offering whole pizzas, Hunk A Pizza®, Wings, WingBites®, and Cheesebread Results: Took only 3 months to recoup their investment in 2015

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