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APRIL 2016 / / 3 from the editor LINDA LISANTI Editor-in-Chief [email protected] (201) 855-7608 By LIndA LIsAntI 570 Lake Cook Road, Ste. 310, Deerfield, IL. 60015 (224) 632-8200 Fax (224) 632-8266 For address changes, call (978) 671-0449 Editorial Editorial Director Don Longo (201) 855-7606 [email protected] Editor-in-Chief Linda Lisanti (201) 855-7608 [email protected] Managing Editor Brian Berk (201) 855-7614 [email protected] Senior Editor Melissa Kress (201) 855-7618 [email protected] Associate Editor Angela Hanson (201) 855-7619 [email protected] Assistant Editor Danielle Romano (201) 855-7604 [email protected] Contributing Editor RenĂ©e M. Covino (303) 741-3377 [email protected] Contributing Editor Tammy Mastroberte (201) 280-2614 [email protected] Art Director Michael Escobedo (224) 632-8245 [email protected] Director of Research Debra Chanil (201) 855-7605 [email protected] Advertising Sales & Business Group Brand Director Ron Lowy (330) 840-9557 [email protected] Business Development Manager Michael Hatherill (201) 855-7610 [email protected] VP/Southeast Regional Sales Manager Steven Lichtenstein (201) 855-7613 [email protected] Northeast Regional Sales Manager Rachel McGaffigan (508) 385-2545 [email protected] Account Executive/Classified Advertising Terry Kanganis (201) 855-7615 [email protected] Advertising/Production Manager Roz Gilman (224) 632-8243 [email protected] Classified Production Manager Mary Beth Medley (856) 809-0050 [email protected] Marketing & Promotion VP/Custom Media Division Pierce Hollingsworth (224) 632-8229 [email protected] Production Manager Anngail Norris Strategic Marketing Director Bruce Hendrickson (224) 632-8214 [email protected] Director of Events Ken Romeo (224) 632-8181 [email protected] Audience Development Manager Shelly Patton (215) 301-0593 [email protected] Audience Development Director Cindy Cardinal Director of Digital Strategy Matt McGuire (224) 632-8180 [email protected] List Rental The Information Refinery (800) 529-9020 Brian Clotworthy Reprints & Licensing Wright's Media (877) 652-5295 [email protected] Subscriber Services/Single-Copy Purchases (978) 671-0449 [email protected] President & CEO Kollin Stagnito Vice President & CFO Kyle Stagnito Chief Revenue Officer Ned Bardic Chief Brand Officer Korry Stagnito Ann Berg Shoshone Market Round Mountain, Nev. Rick Bruning Quik Shop Gas Stop Trinity, N.C. Chris Carter Shout & Sack Vinita, Okla. Robin Gabriel Shell Food Mart Hinsdale, Ill. Steve Jones Johnny Junxions Bedford, Ind. Taylor Lilley Michelin Properties Las Vegas Beth Miller Classic Corner Madison, S.D. Ronson Shamoun OB Quik Shop San Diego, Calif. Brett Webber Discount Xpress Gulfport, Miss. Editorial Advisory Board The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the consent of the publisher. The publisher is not responsible for product claims and representations. Share Your Success Stories We want to hear how you're taking your store to the next level A ttend any convenience store industry conference or trade show these days and "change" is very likely to be an overarching theme. Just recently at the Convenience Distribution Association's 2016 Convenience Distribution Marketplace event, Chairman Chad Owen said: "Change is not easy, but it's necessary. We know today, more than ever, we need to change with the times." Making changes to your own business is just one side of the coin, however. There are also external changes happening all around, impacting how c-store re- tailers and suppliers do business. One example is market changes. In a recent web- cast presentation, market researcher Nielsen pointed to economic improvement, changes in category consumption and technology innovation as three factors that will have major effects on the retail marketplace in the near future. Another example of external change is the evolving U.S. consumer. Much talk surrounds the increasing influence and importance of millennials and multicul- tural shoppers. Consumers across all walks of life are also becoming more digitally connected, and they want the retailers and brands they support to engage them and meet their needs in the digital/mobile space. For some, the word "change" has negative implications. Change equals new challenges. For others, the word "change" has positive implications. Change equals new opportunities. While there's no right or wrong, more than 10 years of observing and report- ing on the c-store industry has shown me that the best-in-class players accept change, embrace change and use change to make their business even better. They are in a constant state of innovation. Here at Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner, we want to hear from you on how you're changing your business for the better. Perhaps you recently remodeled your store, decided to target a new customer base, introduced a new program, added a new service, enhanced your hiring and training practices, or formed a new partnership. The list goes on and on. We want to celebrate your achievements and share your success stories. By sharing, the entire single-store owner community becomes stronger and better equipped to compete against chain operations that have the resources and scale of hundreds or even thousands of stores. And in the spirit of "practice what you preach," I also want to hear from you on how we at Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner can change to better meet your information needs. No suggestion is too big or too small. I look forward to your calls and emails!

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