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JUNE 2016 / / 3 from the editor 570 Lake Cook Road, Ste. 310, Deerfield, IL. 60015 (224) 632-8200 Fax (224) 632-8266 For address changes, call (978) 671-0449 Editorial Editorial Director Don Longo (201) 855-7606 [email protected] Editor-in-Chief Linda Lisanti (201) 855-7608 [email protected] Managing Editor Brian Berk (201) 855-7614 [email protected] Senior Editor Melissa Kress (201) 855-7618 [email protected] Associate Editor Angela Hanson (201) 855-7619 [email protected] Assistant Editor Danielle Romano (201) 855-7604 [email protected] Contributing Editor RenĂ©e M. 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Rick Bruning Quik Shop Gas Stop Trinity, N.C. Chris Carter Shout & Sack Vinita, Okla. Robin Gabriel Shell Food Mart Hinsdale, Ill. Steve Jones Johnny Junxions Bedford, Ind. Taylor Lilley Michelin Properties Las Vegas Beth Miller Classic Corner Madison, S.D. Ronson Shamoun OB Quik Shop San Diego, Calif. Brett Webber Discount Xpress Gulfport, Miss. Editorial Advisory Board The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the consent of the publisher. The publisher is not responsible for product claims and representations. By DoN LoNgo Davids Are Still Holding Their Own Vs. Goliaths But single-store owners need to grow in-store sales by targeting foodservice, beverages and snacks I n last year's Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner Industry Report, we wrote about how the industry's single-store owners racked up record high in-store sales, gross profits and pretax profits despite facing bigger and stronger competition from chain retailers. In the battle of the Davids vs. the Goliaths, the nimbler Davids were more than holding their own. This year's report, which compiles and analyzes the 2015 performance of single-store operators, reveals that once again, despite continued high-profile acquisitions by many of the convenience store industry's largest retailers, single-store owners increased their lead in store count vs. chains last year. In 2015, single stores account- ed for 97,359 of the U.S. c-store industry's total store count of 154,195, or 63 percent of overall stores (see Cover Story on page 18). This represents a net increase of 1,041 stores operated by single-store owners last year, compared to a store count increase of only 360 operated by chains of two or more stores. 2015 was a very good year for single-store owners. They enjoyed record high fuel margins and in-store sales. However, the single-store owner community lost ground to chain operators on a sales-per-store basis in 2015. The average single store generated $1,256,935 in in-store sales last year, an increase of 2.8 percent from 2014. Chain operators, on the other hand, saw a 3.7-percent sales per store gain to $1,406,866, a record high for the industry. And, although single stores achieved strong growth in foodservice sales, they still fell short of the chains' sales growth in this all-important category, 6.9 percent vs. 7.1 percent. Foodservice must be a strong focus of attention for single-store owners in the year ahead. Our exclusive Single Store Owner Industry Report reveals other areas of opportunity. It's fairly well established now that packaged beverages remains a growth category for c-stores. People come to c-stores for beverages, and this category is one where single-store operators shine; they outpaced the overall industry sales growth in packaged beverages in 2015. Another area of opportunity: snacks. Salty snacks and alternative snacks, in particular, are two of the fastest-growing categories inside single stores. Make 2016 the year you really focus on and grow your snack business. Overall, single-store owners can be very proud of their 2015 financial perfor- mance, but there's plenty of untapped opportunity inside the store to do even better in 2016. SSO DON LONGO Editorial Director [email protected] (201) 855-7606

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