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new products 12 / Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner / AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2016 QuicFix cO ld Brewed cOFF ee S QuicFix Cold Brewed Coffees use bag-on-value packaging technology to keep the beverage tast- ing fresh for three years without refrigeration or preservatives. During the cold-brewed process, time replaces heat which can release undesirable flavor elements. Cold water flavor elements. Cold water brewing extracts flavor brewing extracts flavor compounds and caffeine from the coffee beans without bitter oils or fatty acids, according to maker B.O.V. Solutions. QuicFix Cold Brewed Coffees are portable and allow consumers to make a cold or hot beverage without the use of special equipment. The product is available in 6-ounce cans, with 24 servings per can. B.O.V. Solutions Statesville, N. c . (352) 746-6731 this sanitary, easy-to-move and clean merchandiser. Mason w ays i ndestructible Plastics llc w est Palm Beach, Fla. (800) 837-2881 New Pierre Sig N ature S Sa N dwiche S AdvancePierre extends its Pierre Signatures line with three new restaurant-style sandwiches: new restaurant-style sandwiches: Monterey Style Grilled Monterey new restaurant-style sandwiches: Monterey Style Grilled Style new restaurant-style sandwiches: Monterey Style Grilled Grilled new restaurant-style sandwiches: Monterey Style Grilled Chicken, All Beef JalapeƱo Cheeseburger and Barbeque Pork Rib. The sandwiches ar Pork Rib. The sandwiches are hand-made with premium, restaurant-quality meats, cheeses and sauces, and featu cheeses and sauces, and feature AdvancePierre's microwavea AdvancePierre's microwaveable hearth-baked roll for bakery-fresh hearth-baked roll for bakery-fresh flavor. Each flavor. hearth-baked roll for bakery-fresh flavor. Each hearth-baked roll for bakery-fresh flavor. Each Each hearth-baked roll for bakery-fresh flavor. Each sandwich is hand-wrapped in clear packaging for a fresh, upscale look and appeal. The new Pierre Signatures sand- wiches are designed to be sold from a refrigerated case or vending machine. They have a 14-day refrigerated shelf life and come packed 12 to a case. a dvancePierre Foods i nc. c incinnati (800) 969-2747 ca F Fa S t t rack O N li N e r e SO urce c e N ter CAF FastTrack is a free online resource center for convenience store retailers that allows them to assess their current operations, de- sign a personalized cleaning program for both inside and outside the store, and access tools to help them execute and monitor a sustaining cleaning pro- gram. FastTrack simplifies the "To-Do" list by providing step- by-step tools that help retailers design, roll out and maintain a successful cleaning program. Template training documents, videos, presentation templates, printed collateral and more are available for c-store operators to customize to fit their needs. ca F e nvironmental Solutions Maple Valley, w ash. (425) 433-8277 [email protected] c heez- i t B O ld & e xtre M e Fla VO r S The Cheez-It brand of crackers launches two new on-trend fla- vor profiles into the convenience channel with Cheez-It Snack Mix Sriracha and Cheez-It Grooves Hot & Spicy. According to maker Kellogg Convenience, bold and extreme flavors rep- resent the fastest-growing salty snacks in convenience stores, followed by cheese flavor. The two new varieties join existing convenience channel products, like Cheez-It Original, Cheez-It Duoz Cheddar Jack/Baby Swiss, Cheez-It Snack Mix Original, and Cheez-It Grooves Zesty Cheddar Ranch. k ellogg c onvenience e lmhurst, i ll. (877) 511-5777 Ma SONw ay S New SP a P er Ba S ket Sta N d MasonWays' newspaper basket stand is a multipurpose merchandiser that can be used to increase impulse sales, along with serving as a home base for shopping bas- kets, newspapers, eco-smart totes and spe- cial sales flyers. The stand can also be used to merchandise bottled water, as well as wine and energy drinks, which can be placed on the side of the unit and positioned in high- traffic areas to increase profits and product turn, according to the company. Custom colors and logos are available for

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