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because of the high-quality meats we offer," he noted. Taco Urbano's guacamole, which is made to order with two fresh avocados mixed with pico de gallo salsa, also is popular with his customers. While Taco Urbano does not offer daily specials, it does have seasonal offerings. "For instance, in the sum- mer when corn is in season, we offer elote [Mexican corn on the cob]," he said. On the technology front, Taco Urbano is running on all cylinders. "Besides using iPads for our POS [point- of-sale] transactions, we take orders online as well. We also plan on rolling out a loyalty program soon. Our plan is to give customers three points for every dollar spent at Taco Urbano." Those points, of course, could then be used for future food purchases. SSO and we're working on growing breakfast sales." While Spina admits it's difficult to estimate how many of the c-store's customers stop by just for food at Taco Urbano, "we do have a number of loyal customers who visit daily," he reported. "Our goal has always been to offer high-quality food at an affordable price. That would generate interest from the convenience store customers who hopefully will notice Taco Urbano's offerings and give them a try." According to Spina, all of Taco Urbano's food is purchased locally to ensure freshness. And while most of the items are prepared on-site, some sauces — marinades and salsas, in particular — are pur- chased from local suppliers. Spina's best-selling item? "Tacos and burritos Taco Urbano, a single-store operated by Mario Spina, specializes in Mexican food with a modern twist.

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