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OCT 2016

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NEW PRODUCTS 14 / Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner / OCTOBER 2016 SITE SUPERVISOR FACILITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Site Supervisor by Emerson Cli- mate Technolo- gies, a division of Emerson Electric, is a facility manage- ment solution that help small- format retailers optimize HVAC, refrigeration, lighting and other critical equipment. The easy-to-use solution features icon-based navi- gation and common toolbars on any desktop or mobile device. Site Supervisor sends prior- ity alerts, enabling managers to view infor- mation that requires action and resolution instantly, in a convenient drill-down screen. Emerson Electric Co. St. Louis (314) 553-2000 For more new products, visit our website at der Bolts contain only 60 calories per serving and are low in carbohydrates and sugar. One package of Thunder Bolts provides the energy equivalence of drinking two cups of coffee, accord- ing to the company. The gummies have a retail price of less than $2, compared to competitive energy-drink products offered at prices ranging from $2 to $3.49, the maker noted. Bolts Energy LLC Yardley, Pa. (844) 486-6439 [email protected] PLAN ZERO BY CONCORDIA COFFEE Plan Zero by Concordia Coffee is an all-inclusive program that covers a foodservice operator's lineup of coffee machines, including instal- lation, preventative maintenance and repairs, for a low fixed monthly payment. Plan Zero features an exclusive 90-day profit guarantee and is designed to pay for itself by selling only six to 10 drinks per day, the company noted. Concordia Coffee Co. Redmond, Wash. (425) 732-3566 [email protected] KEEBLER CHOCOLATE SUGAR WAFERS Responding to consumer demand for on-the-go snacking that satisfies sweet cravings, Keebler Sugar Wafers has added a chocolate variety to its wafer line. Keebler Sugar Wafers now features simple and bold packag- ing and 10 wafers per pack. The new addition joins strawberry and vanilla sugar wafer varieties. Kellogg Co. Battle Creek, Mich. (800) 962-1413 CINTAS PHOTO MAT The Photo Mat by Cintas is the compa- ny's latest addition to its High Performance Series, a line of mats designed to help businesses get "ready for the work day." The Photo Mat is detailed with 50 percent more high-reso- lution to enhance brand image in high-visibility areas, such as entryways. It can be customized with a logo, message or photograph. The Photo Mat can also capture water, dirt and debris to keep facility floors clean. Cintas Corp. Savannah, Ga. (888) 400-9315 THUNDER BOLTS ENERGY GUMMIES Thunder Bolts are bite-size gummies packed with orange flavor and 200 milligrams of caffeine. Made with real orange juice and without any artificial sweeteners, Thun-

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