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OCT 2016

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THE HUB 18 / Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner / OCTOBER 2016 100-percent recycled, individual bottles and 24-packs. • Excursion Beef Jerky: The Excursion Beef Jerky line is the "ultimate protein snack" featuring diverse flavors such as Smokey BBQ Pork Jerky, Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Cracked Pepper Beef Jerky, and Smokehouse Beef Jerky. • YumBees: The YumBees line will offer various hard, gummy and chocolate candy prod- ucts, as well as variations of favorite name- brand products. • Beau Dacious Biscuits: This new line of quality dog-treat products is available in peanut butter, grain-free yogurt and cranberry bites, and other assorted treat flavors. Citing a SymphonyIRI Group report, McLane noted 47 percent of consumers buy more private label products today than before the economic downturn began, and one in three U.S. shoppers actively searches for store brands to save money. McLane said it designed the new comprehensive CVP family of brands to reflect the needs of today's consumers — delivering a product mix that offers relevancy, variety and value, while saving them money. It founded Salado Sales in 1993. "Consumers today want the option to purchase quality store-branded products at a reasonable price, so it made sense for us to up our commitment to private label and rebrand to fit the needs of our retail customers," said Teresa Voelter, general manager of private label at McLane. "McLane's new comprehensive CVP line pro- vides retailers who don't already offer private label products or have the resources to stock private label inventory the ability to do so and at attractive prices, while keeping their gross margins and profits high." McLane plans to roll out additional new products under the CVP family of brands in 2017. SSO using existing brands. Every hourly recipe demonstration cooked on-site at the show was made with products McLane Kitchen carries. For instance, retailers are encouraged to leverage the power of strong brands, such as offering a "General Mills Yogurt Parfait" made with strawberries, granola and yogurt. McLane Kitchen also assists store operators with packaging and other materials, and offers ways to customize store-branded cups at minimal cost. Fresh produce was a focus at the show as well, in tandem with McLane's collaboration with the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). The company's first list of PHA-approved items will be re- leased in 2017, according to company representatives. This year's McLane National Trade Show also featured the debut of its newly renamed private label line to CVP (Consumer Value Products). The line was formerly marketed under the Salado Sales name. This move will include the debut of five new private label brands and provide an exclusive mix spanning 240-plus foodservice, automotive, candy, snacks, general merchandise, grocery, health, beauty and wellness products. Road-Tech and Work Fare, two of McLane's established private label brands, will still be available through the CVP line. The new brands will include: • Hometown Market: This line will offer a variety of products, ranging from banana nut granola, nuts, trail mix and yogurt pretzels to sugar and creamer that support c-stores' food- service operations. Many products will meet PHA healthy criteria. • Pristyn Purified Water: McLane will support Partnership for a Healthier America's signature "Drink Up " initiative to help promote more consumption of water. Pristyn Purified Water is a purified bottled water line to be sold in This year's event showcased 185 exhibitors and played host to more than 1,500 attendees.

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