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OCT 2016

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OCTOBER 2016 / / 45 another measure that can be taken, particularly for those dispensers located on the store's perimeter or those that are not otherwise in the associates' view from the store." Help in thwarting skimming can also be found in materials from NACS, the Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, and The Pinnacle Corp., which jointly created the SkimDefend app, available for free download on Apple and An- droid smartphones. The app works alongside tamper-evident NACS WeCare decals, which can be purchased at These decals help retailers identify potential security breaches when fuel dispensers or other unat- tended PIN-entry devices are opened to install skimming mechanisms. Of course, the ultimate way for a consumer — and, in effect, a retailer — to defend against skimming is to pay for fuel transactions with cash. Customers thinking mobile payment and digital wallets are an effective anti-skimming method could be out of luck. According to several media reports, Samsung acknowledged its Samsung Pay mobile wallet service is susceptible to wireless credit card skimming, although it characterized the chances of such an occurrence as "highly unlikely." ATMS PROBLEMATIC, TOO With a couple of exceptions, the news headlines around skimming in recent months have focused on skimming at the pump. However, retailers also need to be on the lookout for skimming at their ATMs, albeit a lesser problem at c-stores due to constant camera surveillance. Conexxus, NACS and the National ATM Council (NAC) in August debuted their jointly developed ATM Skimming Detection & Deterrence Guide for use at U.S. convenience stores. A copy of this guide can be found at https://www.conexxus. org/wecare/atmskimming. "Conexxus thanks NAC for working with us to develop the guide. Our two organizations recognize the increased near-term potential for card skimming at all POS/ATM terminals with U.S. EMV deploy- ment, and we wanted to proactively address this threat here — as we have with fuel island payment security — and maintain a continued skimming- free environment for our ATM customers going forward," said Conexxus' Taylor. SSO the inside, connected between the card reader and their computer." Another major change to skimming fraud recently is the ability for criminals to steal data via Bluetooth technology. Hence, they no longer need to be on-site at a gas station; they can steal data from a nearby car or hotel instead. This newest wrinkle manifested itself at four Exxon-branded gas stations in the Dallas area in August. Dallas Police Department Lt. Tony Craw- ford told local reporters that Bluetooth technology not only allows criminals to be off-site, but also allows credit card and debit card data to be stolen instantly, making these criminals much tougher to defend against. "They can do it in a split second; put it on. So they obviously have knowledge of the pumps," he noted. PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS According to Ingram, effective methods retailers can take to combat skimming are: • Re-keying locks on the dispensers so they have unique locks. • Installing anti-tamper devices inside the dispenser. • Upgrading dispensers' payment card terminals. • Installing security cameras in an inconspicuous manner. • Using anti-tamper tape that reveals when the dispenser has been opened. Criminals do not discriminate among their victims — they don't often choose to target a single-store operation over a chain operation. However, they do look for the path of least resistance. "Older dispensers that lack the anti-tamper technology are obviously more susceptible to tampering," Ingram said. "Operators with older dispensers should use customized, anti- tamper tape in combination with a regular inspection protocol to guard against skimming." He also offered the following advice for those looking to combat skimming at the pump: "Op- erators should create an inspection protocol and ensure that dispensers are inspected on a regular basis. Associates should be trained to know what they are looking for, and to know what steps to take if a skimmer is detected. Installing custom- ized, anti-tamper tape on fuel dispensers can help provide immediate visual clues during an inspec- tion. Ensuring that video cameras can provide footage that will show if a dispenser is opened is

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