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Drop by the International Paper Booth #6451 and see the Hold&Go ® 4-in-1 Lid system for yourself. Tortas Frontera became the single most-talked-about restaurant at the airport and has won international awards for its food. "So many people in the U.S., especially younger people, love spicy foods," said Bayless. He also advised convenience foodservice executives to get freshness into everything they do, and don't forget the notion of transparency. "Freshness is more than lettuce on a sandwich or an apple at the register," Bayless went on. He advocated for businesses to spend more money on education and training programs, too. "We have the opportunity to change the world through our employee training programs. Rather than trying to make things 'idiot-proof,' how about we invest in training so an entry-level foodservice position isn't a dead-end job anymore." One of Lempert's final questions was: "If there was one thing you could change in the food industry, what would it be?" "I'd like to see really great culinary school and foodservice management programs that were free and accessible to everyone," responded Bayless. CSN with a twist. "It's just as important for our cooks to see the faces of our guests as it is for the guests to see the food being prepared." Bayless pointed out that his award-winning, quick- service restaurant at O'Hare International Airport proves that people don't want bland food. Bayless battled HMS Host, which owned the foodservice con- cession at the airport, over everything from the supply chain to menu selection. "They wanted us to do a watered-down version of Frontera. We said we would only do this if we can make 'our' food using 'our' ingredients," he recounted. Bayless urged the c-store foodservice execs in the audience to focus on freshness. 24 oz 20 oz 16 oz 12 oz Why carry two SKUs when one will do? The new Hold&Go ® Cup and 4-in-1 Lid system simplifies your store and makes choosing the right lid a snap. Now one single lid fits four double-wall, insulated cup sizes, allowing you to carry a single SKU to cover your 12-16-20 and even 24 ounce Hold&Go ® cups. The lids snap shut, hold fast and stack easily wherever you store them. They're always in stock and ready to ship. And with black or white color options, they complement any cup design. Your life just got 50% easier. ONE new lid fits FOUR Hold&Go ® cup sizes. How's that for convenient? ©2016 International Paper Company. All rights reserved. International Paper and Hold&Go are registered trademarks of International Paper Company.

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