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WWW.CSNEWS.COM | DECEMBER 2016 | Convenience Store News 45 above and "reimagine" the forecourt experience. MoseleyBona Retail specializes in integrating the science of retail with the art of design for the food and beverage and convenience retail industries. "You really want people to drive past your competi- tors and make your place a destination," Bona said, pointing out that motor fuel is one of the few things customers buy on faith. Based on this fact, convenience store retailers need to find ways to assure customers of what they are buy- ing. Bona encourages channel players to keep three main principles in mind: • Brand visibility — The one kilometer rule: From what distance can the brand be seen? • Brand perception — How does the design influ- ence customers? • Brand experience — How can you turn transactional activity into a destination? Wawa has led the way with these principles and "owned the canopy," making it an in integral part of its brand. Others have since followed, Bona said. CSN He laid out several key aspects retailers should con- sider when designing their fuel island: • Make it fresh and friendly. • Add a customer service element. • Satisfy customer cravings. The goal is to get customers to the forecourt and inside the store. "You can have a great forecourt offer- ing, but if you don't have the things inside the store [they want], they will come and fill up once or twice but eventually go somewhere else," Boorse cautioned. Other "must" elements on the forecourt are a good egress and ingress, a proper traffic flow, a recognizable canopy, proper lighting, and a safe environment. Retailers also need to design their fuel islands with an eye toward the future, so they are able to quickly adapt to changes in the market and customer needs, according to the Wawa exec. THE VIEW FROM 20,000 FEET ABOVE MoseleyBona Retail President Joe Bona advises operators to look at their forecourt from 20,000 feet

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