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62 Convenience Store News | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM Enterprise + POS + Digital + Payment Systems + Business Intelligence TECHNOLOGY (98.6 percent) using this avenue. However, Instagram saw the biggest year-over-year jump and is now used by approximately one-third of c-store chains. EMV INVESTMENTS EMV has grabbed the attention of many c-store opera- tors and continues to garner headlines. Although not a requirement, credit card purveyors recommended all retailers upgrade their point-of-sale (POS) equip- ment to be compliant with EMV — an acronym for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the three companies that originally created the security standard — by Oct. 1, 2015 to avoid being held financially responsible for potential fraud. Two in every five c-store operators are currently EMV compliant at the POS, according to this year's Technology Study findings. In addition, one-third of respondents indicated they plan to invest to become EMV compliant at the POS within the next year. C-store chain retailers now face another looming liability shift deadline on Oct. 1, 2017, when they are recommended to make EMV upgrades on the fore- court. Thirty-five percent of respondents say they have Mobile Apps Nearly one half of c-store chain retailers now offer a mobile app. This number continues to rise significantly year over year, increas- ing by 8 percentage points compared to 2015 and by 18 percent- age points vs. 2014. Aside from store location services, fuel prices and coupons are the most popular features of these apps. EMV Compliance Despite the EMV liability shift deadline at the point-of-sale (POS) passing more than one year ago, only 40 percent of c-store chains are currently EMV compliant. The remaining 60 percent said they have at least begun the process. At the pump, where the liability shift deadline will take place Oct. 1, 2017, about one-third of c-store retailers are compliant already. Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2016 IS YOUR COMPANY EMV COMPLIANT? DOES YOUR COMPANY HAVE A MOBILE APP FOR CONSUMERS? 40% 35% 60% 65% Yes No, but we have started the process 47.2% 38.9% 52.8% 61.1% CURRENT AT POS AT PUMP YEAR AGO YES YES NO NO Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2016 already made the necessary upgrades to their auto- mated fuel dispensers. And nearly one-quarter of those surveyed (23.5 percent) intend to spend to upgrade their fuel dispensers to become EMV compliant within the next year. GETTING PUMPED One other key takeaway from this year's CSNews Technology Study is that the use of technology is becoming more and more prevalent at the fuel pump. Although still small in number, at-pump merchandise ordering took a more than threefold leap in just the past year. More than 7 percent of survey respondents now offer this service, compared to just 2 percent a year ago. Installation of video monitors at the pump, provid- ing entertainment and marketing opportunities, also saw a healthy rise year over year, increasing from 33 percent in 2015 to 40 percent this year. C-store chain operators are placing an emphasis on rolling out pay-at-the-pump technology, too. Ninety- four percent of those surveyed now offer this service, vs. 89 percent one year ago. CSN

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