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DEC 2016

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THE HUB 12 / Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner / DECEMBER 2016 Going Straight to the Source Convenience distributors highlight best practices for small retailers when sourcing BY DON LONGO to keep store resources focused on serving custom- ers. The use of a broadline distributor also simpli- fies back-office accounting since the management is dealing with receiving, reconciling and paying an invoice from one supplier vs. many. A broadline supplier can also bring many resources and category impartiality to help a smaller-sized retailer improve their store-level offerings to better meet the needs of the consumer vs. the sometimes "singular view" a retailer might occasionally receive from a brand- focused supplier. Hachtel: The buying power and customer service that a broadline distributor brings to small c-store retailers is the top reason. We allow small retailers to stay competitive by gaining access to all the products that are carried in their larger chain competitors, and they can be assured of having those products to sell because of the high level of fill-rate and customer support that a broadline distributor can provide. Single Store Owner: In what ways can a distribu- tor help a small retailer be more competitive against larger chains? Hachtel: We give the ability for a small chain or single-store operator to purchase and promote like the larger chains by leveraging the products, promo- tions, technology, customer service and category insights that a broadline distributor like Eby-Brown can offer to our customers. This gives the smaller re- tailers the ability to offer great products, promotions and services to their consumers that helps keep them shopping their stores every day. We can accomplish this in part by helping small retailers participate in and track compliance with the various manufacturer incentive programs available, so the retailers can maximize the amounts they receive by helping them know exactly where they stand with each program. Bratta: Broadline suppliers can also help retailers better compete in the markets in which they do busi- ness in ways multiple DSD (direct-store delivery) or other suppliers would not be able to replicate. As an example, at Core-Mark, we work to make our retailers as relevant as possible to the communities they serve through our FMI (Focused Marketing Initiative) program whereby we assist our retailers in understanding their area demographics, relevant top-selling items they should carry, how to better allocate macro space and shelf space within their T his month, The Hub, Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner's department dedicated to convenience distribution, asks two of the leading broadline distributors to the c-store industry to discuss best practices for small retailers when it comes to sourcing. Jon Bratta is vice president of marketing for Core- Mark International Inc. He leads the product team focused on the development of foodservice catego- ries, the team responsible for the balance of the store categories, as well as the digital marketing team. Jim Hachtel is vice president of strategic insights for Eby-Brown Co. LLC. He is responsible for working with retail customers to understand the competitive landscape and develop customized category management solutions using Eby-Brown's SmartProcess category management program. Both Bratta and Hachtel are members of Single Store Owner's Wholesaler Advisory Board. Here is what they had to say on the topic of sourcing: Single Store Owner: What is the No. 1 reason why small convenience store retailers should use a broad- line distributor for their sourcing needs? Bratta: Independent c-store retailers are best served using a broadline distributor for a number of reasons, the first being simplicity in sourcing and the delivery of products. Eliminating excess and in- cremental deliveries from multiple sources, or even the practice of going out and buying products from a club store, simplifies store operations and helps JIM HACHTEL JON BRATTA

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