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DEC 2016

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DECEMBER 2016 / / 19 and snacks. Cold and frozen beverages have also contributed, including this summer's big trend: cold brew coffee. Several wholesalers noted that while they had not expanded into new categories, they had enhanced existing lines, including fresh produce and better- for-you products. New technology initiatives are also a priority for the top wholesalers. With goals of improved ac- curacy, instant access to information for both their sales representatives and customers, streamlined systems, improved security and mobility, these are some of the new technology programs implement- ed in the past year: • App-based ordering systems • Business management software upgrades • CRM for outside sales force • Customer ordering devices • Expanded website • In-house mobile technology • Truck technology improvements • Voice-activated selecting systems When asked about the single biggest trend impacting business today, 28.6 percent of the top wholesalers indicated decreasing customer profit- ability, followed by 23.8 percent citing increased gov- ernment regulation. Short supply of qualified truck drivers was cited by 19 percent, with one respondent adding: "Not just truck drivers — all labor." In terms of sales, the cigarettes category con- tinues its slow but steady decline, dropping to 67.5 percent of the top wholesalers' sales (down from 69 percent last year). Other tobacco products main- tains its pattern of adding about a point each year, increasing from 8 percent to 8.9 percent this year. Candy/sweet snacks and foodservice each account- ed for more than 5 percent. METHODOLOGY Rankings for the Convenience Store News Top Wholesalers report are based on sales from the last full fiscal year for each company. Data for this report was gathered through a survey con- ducted among the largest wholesalers primarily servicing c-stores that derive a majority of their annual sales from tobacco and candy products. Additional data was obtained through company reports and other public sources of financial data. In some cases, estimates have been made by CSNews based on historical data and current industry trends. SSO TO P WHOLESALERS Sales per Delivery per Week Percent of Sales by Category Single Biggest Trend Impacting Business Today Core-Mark Holding Co. Inc. $693,750 Chambers & Owen Inc. $494,297 McLane Co. Inc. $482,344 S. Abraham & Sons Inc. $438,867 Cooper-Booth Wholesale Co. $431,034 Team Sledd $408,462 Imperial Super Regional Distributors $407,407 Topicz $376,410 Richmond-Master Distributors Inc. $370,370 Harbor Wholesale Foods $350,370 Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2016 Cigarettes 67.5% Other tobacco products 8.9 Candy/gum/packaged sweet snacks 6.2 Foodservice 5.3 Grocery 2.8 Packaged beverages 2.7 Salty snacks 2.5 General merchandise/HBC 2.1 Fresh produce 1.2 Gourmet/natural/specialty food 0.5 Other 0.3 Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2016 Decreasing customer profitability Increased government regulation Competition from other full-line wholesalers Pressure on tobacco margins Increased retailer consolidation Short supply of qualified truck drivers 28.6% 23.8% 19.0% 14.3% 9.5% Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2016 4.8%

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