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JAN 2017

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78 Convenience Store News | JANUARY 2017 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM Store Ops + Labor + HR + Real Estate + Financial + Field Ops OPERATIONS Training employees is key and when it comes to robberies, mak- ing sure employees are doing cash drops into a safe makes a big differ- ence. Employees should be trained to drop every $20 bill immediately and in front of the customer. People who rob a store often come in to see how it is run before robbing it. When they see that they won't get any money because employees are getting rid of large bills, they will go to the store down the street instead. "NACS has a lot of training materials available for safety and security, and so many of these things don't cost any money," Erickson pointed out. "Keeping vis- ibility and the windows clear doesn't cost any money, although it's often an argument between marketing and security, or vendors and security. But the priority has to stay high for safety — not just for customers, but also for the employees." CSN "Don't build a store in a bad neighborhood," he said. "Sometimes, marketing and real estate will make a selection based on high traffic rather than looking at the fact that it's a high crime area. There are also ways to design a store for safety, such as where the counter is located and what visibility is offered." In cases of new construction, c-store operators can add lighting, video cameras, a door announcer and more. For those with a store already in place, it's impor- tant to know the neighborhood and have a plan in place. "Where the store is located will determine what the traffic is, so if you are next to a bar or nightclub, you will get intoxicated people and have more vio- lence, beer theft and beer runs. In this case, you have to hire people to work that shift who are capable of dealing with that, and this is all part of the planning," McGoey said. MARCH 27 - 29, 2017 NEW YORK CITY THE STRATEGIC CONFERENCE FOR SHOPPER-BASED GROWTH NEW HORIZONS OF INNOVATIVE PATH-TO-PURCHASE STRATEGIES Register today! Sponsored by:

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