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82 Convenience Store News | JANUARY 2017 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM Enterprise + POS + Digital + Payment Systems + Business Intelligence TECHNOLOGY joining the 140-store chain, QuickChek's use of tech- nology has evolved — particularly around the growth of the foodservice category, mobile applications and ordering, and its entry into the fueling side of the busi - ness. QuickChek also continues to pioneer self-check- out stations in select stores in partnership with NCR. The C-store Technology Leadership Dinner fostered discussion about the changing role of the c-store indus- try IT executive, and posed the question: Operational or strategist? The consensus among the group was that it's not one or the other, but rather both. "You are seeing a convergence of IT and market- ing," one participant explained. "Is it more IT or more marketing? And who is going to win?" These ques- tions are playing out now. CSN upgrade their point-of-sale, ATM and forecourt to EMV-ready readers to avoid being held financially responsible for fraudulent transactions. One participant ques- tioned how the conve- nience channel's single- store owners and small operators will be able to meet the new require- ments, especially given the financial commitment. "Getting them from Point A to Point B is very tough because of the finan - cial outlay," she noted, but added that she hopes they don't stop at the new mandates and instead allow the EMV upgrades to "catapult them" into other areas of tech implementation. The C-store Technology Leadership Dinner, sponsored by Axis Communications and Petrosoft, also honored Maria Fidelibus, QuickChek Corp.'s vice president of infor- mation technology, as the 2016 Technology Leader of the Year. The annual award honors a convenience store retailer executive who demonstrates vision and innovation, and leads the way for his/her company and the industry as a whole to take full advantage of technology solutions. Fidelibus joined Whitehouse Station, N.J.- based QuickChek in December 2003 as vice president of information technology. Since CSNews Editorial Director Don Longo presented QuickChek's Maria Fidibus with the 2016 Technology Leader of the Year award. Kwik Trip's Tom Colbert (left) and Yesway's Doug New were among the participants. Atlanta's City Winery served as the backdrop for the event. Hot topics around the dinner table included Amazon, mobile, EMV, and loyalty programs.

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