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WWW.CSNEWS.COM | FEBRUARY 2017 | Convenience Store News 31 Cover Story S upermarkets, supercenters, and liquor/package stores are going after the same beer consum- ers that convenience stores are. So, how can c-store retailers guard against losing that ring? For some food for thought, Convenience Store News checked in with leading suppliers in the beer space. Sharing their insights are Josh Halpern, vice president of small format at Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Nuno Teles, chief marketing officer at Heineken USA. CSNews: Are there specific things a retailer needs to understand about c-store consumer purchasing behav- ior that's different than other retail channels? Halpern: The core c-store shopper is significantly different than that of competitive channels. The shop- per is younger, lower income, more diverse, on-the-go, and more sensitive to price. There are two predomi- nant shopper missions the c-store channel owns. We excel at the "For Me, For Now" mission, which is the guy who grabs a couple of singles when he gets off work, and the "Social Beer Run" mission, which is when you go to pick up beer to bring to your friend's house. Teles: It's important to remember that 60 percent of consumers come into a store with a planned purchase; only 21 percent change their mind in the aisle. C-store customers are rarely ones to meander. In the beer cave or cold box, they are in and out within two to three minutes. CSNews: Where does your company foresee the Know Your Opponent Suppliers weigh in on how c-stores can counteract cross-channel competition Josh Halpern Nuno Teles

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