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32 Convenience Store News | FEBRUARY 2017 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM DEFENDING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES Cover Story greatest growth in consumption coming from? Halpern: Grocery and c-store are growing in the industry at basically the same rate, with chains outper- forming independent stores. Over the last few years, the average millennial has gone to restaurants almost 50 times less per year. They are recognizing that gro- cery and c-store foodservice are just as viable as any quick-service restaurant or fast-casual chain. They are more likely to enjoy a few drinks at home since, espe- cially in a Tinder/Bumble world, it's easier to go out later. If the c-store industry focuses on this occasion and the value that consumers put on "convenience," it can quickly grow faster, especially in inner cities. Teles: We don't necessarily view this in terms of which specific channel(s) will drive growth; we view it as where we should be putting the focus of our sales and market- ing efforts. While we know consumer trial and long-term loyalty are won on-premise, our goal is not necessarily to drive them to a specific channel, but to create the desire and reason for a beer-drinking occasion. CSNews: What do you see as the most important trend in the category at this time? Halpern: There are two really. The first is that channels are blurring, and we can build traffic by having the right mission/occasion promotions and packs. The second is a beer trend, and it is mix shift. Millennials are seeking flavor proliferation, high- er ABV, and status-symbol badge brands. Teles: Health and wellbeing and innovation on- premise are salient trends that will continue to present unique brand-building opportunities for those who respond effectively. Americans drink a lot of beer; we know that. There's probably never been a better time to be a beer drinker. While the proliferation and explo- sive growth of craft will slow (How many craft brew- ers can one country sustain?), imports will continue to drive the category, and consumer choice will be impor- tant. Like wine, millennials will propel imports and premiumization in 2017, with caveats: they are fickle and promiscuous beer consumers. CSN BONUS CONTENT Check out for an interview with McLane Co. Inc. executives about how retailers can work with their distri- bution partners to continually evolve their beverage offer. Have an ATM machine installed by Cash Depot. Placement - Rental - Merchant We'll do the rest. Just sit back, relax, and earn more... more money, more love for your customer, more industry support, more technology, and more up-time with Cash Depot than with the other guys. Our Pledge: We are proudly U.S. based, owned, and operated. Who do you want to do business with? Visit us: 1-800-776-8834

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