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48 Guide to Consumer Insights | FEBRUARY 2017 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM Who Is the High-Frequency C-store Shopper? F or some retailers, one sale is as good as another, and every dollar is worth the same amount. This is objectively true, but industry insiders and savvy conve- nience store retailers have long known that regular customers hold more value than the contents of their wallet. Strategies that priori - tize increasing the basket size of existing customers are more lucrative than those that try to attract new cus- tomers, and regular shoppers are more profitable than the occasional visitors. This year, Convenience Store News' exclusive Realities of the Aisle annual consumer study highlights the differences between frequent c-store shoppers — those who shop at a convenience store on a daily or weekly basis — and shoppers who visit c-stores less than once a week. Of the 1,505 consumers surveyed for the eighth- annual CSNews Realities of the Aisle study, 64.4 per- cent qualified for the "frequent shopper" label, shop- ping at a c-store on a daily or weekly basis. Men are more likely to fall into this group at 67.8 percent, vs. 59.6 percent of women. Men are also more likely to be daily c-store shop- pers. A total of 14.6 percent of men are daily shop- pers, again more than the 11 percent of females who shop at c-stores at this pace. It also follows, then, that women are more likely to be infrequent shoppers. In fact, 40.4 percent of females shop at c-stores at a rate of once a month, compared to 32.2 percent of men. Looking at other characteristics, frequent c-store shop- pers are most often found in the 45- to 54-year-old age range (68 percent); the $75,000-$99,999 and $35,000-or- less income ranges (66 percent and 65.9 percent, respec- tively); and in the Northeast (68.8 percent). Among shoppers with children, 66 percent are in Do you typically shop at the same convenience store each time? 64.0% 36.0% Base: 969 frequent c-store shoppers Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2017 Yes No Our exclusive consumer research sheds light on those who shop daily and weekly BY ANGELA HANSON

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