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50 Guide to Consumer Insights | FEBRUARY 2017 | WWW.CSNEWS.COM 24.4 percent of infrequent shoppers. Frequent c-store shoppers as a group are less likely to visit a c-store while traveling for business (25.7 percent). The routine nature of frequent shoppers' visits to c-stores is also evident in the most common times of day when they make their trips. The most common time period is 4 p.m. to 6:59 p.m., when 61.1 percent of frequent shoppers typically visit a c-store, indicating they are probably buying food or drink for their eve- ning meal. The next most popular timeframes for this group are between 6 a.m. and 8:59 a.m. (46.6 percent) and 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (42 percent). For infrequent shoppers, 4 p.m. to 6:59 p.m. is also the favored time period, cited by 51.7 percent of these shoppers, but still less so than among frequent shoppers. During c-store shopping trips that involve stop- ping to buy gas, infrequent shoppers are more likely to say they also purchase in-store merchandise "some of the time" at 54.4 percent, compared to 48.1 per- cent of frequent shoppers. Meanwhile, more than twice as many frequent shoppers say they buy in-store merchandise "almost every time" at 33.2 percent, compared to 15.7 percent of infrequent shoppers. MAKING A HABIT Perhaps because of their increased willing- ness to shop at c-stores regularly, more than half of frequent c-store shoppers also report that some outside element influenc- es their decision to visit a c-store. Frequent c-store shoppers as a group are more likely than infrequent shoppers to list any individual element as an influencer. They are most likely to cite a loyalty On what occasion(s) do you typically shop at a convenience store? Frequent Infrequent While traveling to/ While traveling for business While traveling for pleasure Special trips to the While running other errands from work or school convenience store from home Base: 969 frequent c-store shoppers; 536 infrequent c-store shoppers Multiple responses accepted Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2017 68.4% 48.7% 25.7% 16.0% 61.0% 53.4% 45.2% 24.4% 73.6% 66.8% How often do you buy in-store merchandise when you stop for gas at a convenience store? 33.2% 54.4% 15.7% 27.5% 48.1% 11.8% 6.1% 0.8% 1.1% 1.3% Base: 841 frequent and 458 infrequent shoppers who purchased gasoline/motor fuels at a c-store in the past month Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2017 Every time Almost every time Some of the time Rarely Never Frequent Infrequent ONCE A ONCE EVERY DAILY/WEEKLY MONTH SIX MONTHS RARELY/NEVER Grocery stores 82.5% 13.2% 2.5% 1.8% Supercenters (Walmart, Target, etc.) 68.5% 27.0% 3.3% 1.2% Online (Amazon, Peapod, etc.) 42.7% 36.1% 11.2% 10.0% Drugstores 39.9% 45.1% 11.3% 3.7% Dollar stores 36.7% 39.5% 15.0% 8.8% Base: 969 frequent c-store shoppers Source: Convenience Store News Market Research, 2017 How often do you shop at each of the following types of stores?

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