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WWW.CSNEWS.COM | FEBRUARY 2017 | Convenience Store News 71 NEW Horizons EXPERT'S VIEW inclusive female leaders, but have less favorable feel- ings toward men and women who exhibit the other gender's "accepted" leadership styles. What's worse, the study found, women promote these gender stereo - types as much — or more — than men. SEVEN KEY FACTORS The Skyline study found women who adopted "mas- culine behaviors" were viewed by male and female employees as bossy. The study looked at seven key T hink of a woman leader in your organization. Would you say she's "assertive" or "bossy?" Is she "in control" or is she "cold?" Is she "hands on" or "a micromanager?" Women continue to face entrenched stereotypes that cast men (and only men) as "natural leaders." Maybe you, too, believe the most effective business leaders are aggressive, driven men who never let their emo- tions play in business decisions. But have you considered how this stereotypical view of "strong leaders" pushes a double bind that penalizes women? Research shows when women take on "male" leadership traits, they're deemed ruthless and too ambitious. If they don't "lead like a man," they're judged "too soft" to be leaders. These stubborn stereotypes are not only holding women back, they're also keeping men from developing a more effective, balanced leadership style, according to "Moving Beyond Male/Female Leadership," a recent study from executive coaching firm Skyline Group Inc. Employees surveyed said they most respect asser- tive, competitive male leaders and communicative, How Stubborn Stereotypes Hold Women Back Women leaders are seen as competent or well-liked — rarely both By Nancy Krawczyk, Network of Executive Women Convenience Store News is pleased to continue this series of exclusive educational columns by the Network of Executive Women (NEW), coinciding with the annual CSNews Top Women in Convenience awards given out each fall. More than 60 female managers, executives and directors who work in the convenience store industry were honored in our 2016 program. In addition to being a presentation sponsor for the Top Women in Convenience program, NEW TOP WOMEN IN CONVENIENCE and CSNews have partnered to develop this series of columns directed at helping corporate leaders drive more inclusive com- pany cultures. Sponsored by:

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